About Us

"Our primary mission is to help educate clients and empower them with the knowledge to make well-informed marketing decisions."

We love what we do.

As strange as it may sound, we really like marketing. More importantly, we get a kick out of watching businesses grow and excel at what they do best. It makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.
Our personal and corporate philosophy demands that we promote responsible, manageable, and sustainable strategies and tactics for our clients so that they expand at a pace that is right for them. We simply do not push products or services that aren’t needed because we would rather build a long-lasting and meaningful business partnership with our clients.

Brand. Build. Broadcast. That’s it in a nutshell.

Helping clients brand themselves properly is an important first step in our process.

In order to make wise marketing decisions, a company must have a clear vision of its brand identity and how it wishes to convey that image and message to the marketplace. Without this vision, marketing missteps are often very common. We work with your business to provide guidance and ensure that planning efforts lead to great brand management strategies.

Once a brand is defined, it’s time to build upon this foundation. Our team is well-versed in the specific tactics required to generate positive placement for your company’s message. Whether it’s a website or a new booth layout for a conference, we can handle it. We understand the design and production requirements necessary to bring your brand to life.

While a clear message and image are important, choosing the right channels through which to send your company’s vision is equally vital to success. Marketing today is a fluid process and businesses must be willing to adapt to new forms of media and their methods for reaching audiences. This ebb and flow of media types is often difficult to track on your own. We can help organize, manage, and broadcast your brand and marketing message so that the right targets can hear what you have to say.

Growth Squad affords your business the full capabilities, experience, and expertise of a marketing team without the expense of a complete in-house solution. We’re always happy to help. Ask us how we can assist your business with marketing strategies today.

Are you ready to grow?

From affordable business websites to complete marketing campaigns, Growth Squad is here to help you take your strategy to the next level.

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