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Home Services Digital Marketing That Delivers.

Growth Squad can help transform your home service business marketing, forging a pathway to success, and creating customers that choose you, time and again.

You know the importance of the right tool. So do we.

With our one-stop digital marketing dashboard, GrowthTOOLS, you’ll have access to an unparalleled opportunity to reach a larger audience while increasing traffic to your website and storefront:

“Approximately 80% of local searches on mobile devices lead to a purchase within 24 hours.”

Accelerate Your Home Services Digital Marketing with GrowthTOOLS

Running a home services business is challenging enough without the added burden of managing marketing initiatives. Growth Squad’s GrowthTOOLS platform offers services for creating multiple business listings, managing customer reviews, and much more, all from a single easy-to-use dashboard.


Starting @ $39/mo

Get a professionally designed WordPress site or build your own design at your own pace.


Starting @ $60/mo

Improve the visibility of your website in organic search results and rank for critical keywords.


Starting @ $60/mo

Have a physical location? Leverage synced business citations to improve local search results.


Starting @ $50/mo

Monitor and respond to your business reviews while improving your visibility in local search.


Starting @ $30/mo

Maintain a healthy and vigorous social media strategy vital to your business’ online presence.


Starting @ $425/mo

Stand out from the advertising crowd with accurate ad targeting, management, and reporting.

Build the right customer base

Build the right customer base. Keep them for life.

As the digital age evolves, the marketing landscape for home services providers has transformed dramatically. Traditional marketing methods are gradually becoming less effective, making way for cutting-edge digital strategies that cater to today’s online-savvy consumers.

Growth Squad’s home services digital marketing expertise combined with the GrowthTOOLS platform offers effective strategies that help businesses leverage digital marketing in a way that helps them grow and succeed.

We understand the challenges of home services digital marketing.

Challenges of home services digital marketing

You deserve the right kind of guidance. Always.

“I can't recommend Growth Squad enough! My experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional. They have become more than just service providers; they are trusted partners in my family business' digital marketing journey.

Their communication is excellent, and I am always aware of the status of my projects. [They] have an exceptional ability to simplify complex marketing strategies, making me feel more involved and informed.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to their promises. In every instance, they delivered what they said they would, and often more. Their knowledge of digital marketing and everything surrounding it has made me feel confident and at peace that they are walking me through this industry.

The range of services they offer is impressive. Whether it's SEO, social media, or content marketing, they have expertise in every area, making Growth Squad my full-service agency. They have always been there to guide and support me, making me feel comfortable reaching out with any questions, big or small. So glad I found them.

Growth Squad is the right choice if you seek people committed to ensuring your success. With [their] expertise, dedication, and genuine care for their clients, they are rare in today's market. They are not just another digital marketing agency but an essential part of my family business' growth story. Thanks so much.”

Home Services Digital Marketing Packages


“I’m just getting started and want to handle things myself.”

Prices starting at

$ 229 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Pro
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Standard*
  • GrowthSEO DIY


“I’m starting to get really busy and need a little extra help.”

Prices starting at

$ 799 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Standard*
  • GrowthSEO DWY
  • 1 Blog Post Each Month
  • 2 hours of SEO Support


“My digital marketing efforts need consistent support.”

Prices starting at

$ 1449 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Pro*
  • GrowthSEO DFY
  • 2 Blog Posts Each Month
  • 5 hours of SEO Support
  • GrowthLINKS Off-page SEO


“Competition is tough. I need a stronger strategy and a dedicated team.

Prices starting at

$ 2399 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Premium
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Premium
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Premium*
  • GrowthSEO DFY
  • 3 Blog Posts Each Month
  • 10 hours of SEO Support
  • GrowthLINKS Off-page SEO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Package adjustments & addons

All packages can be adjusted and expanded based on your needs. At Growth Squad, we understand one-size does not fit all.  For example, GrowthADS pricing is not included due to the various requirements to calculate ad spend budgets. The packages listed above are based on the average usage and marketing efforts of our existing client base.

Home services digital marketing the way it was meant to be.

With over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing domain, Growth Squad has been instrumental in helping businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Our unwavering dedication towards empowering our clients reflects in our professional approach and proven tactics. We’ll help you understand your target audience, leverage multiple digital channels, and embrace customer feedback. Home services digital marketing can and should be easy to manage. We can help.

Contact us to learn how we can help you build your home services digital marketing foundation today.

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