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The Social Media Toolkit Supercharging Small Business.

Discover the potential of your brand’s online impact with GrowthSOCIAL, the ultimate social media toolkit.
GrowthSOCIAl, your social media toolkit.

Your “social” life just got easier.

Discover the benefits of having all your social accounts managed from one place. Publish and schedule posts with a few clicks, saving time and ensuring a consistent brand voice across different platforms. Responding to customers and building stronger relationships has never been easier.

With GrowthSOCIAL, every comment and mention can be managed from within this dynamic social media toolkit.

Craft creative, compelling content.

An important metric of search engine optimization, social media can have a powerful impact on your online rankings. GrowthSOCIAL harnesses the power of advanced AI technology to help you create compelling posts that resonate with your audience and climb the ranks of organic search results.

No more wracking your brain for content ideas; tap into this diverse social media toolkit and let this intelligent tool do the work for you. This feature harnesses AI’s predictive capabilities to analyze your followers’ preferences and create posts that are most likely to capture their interest.

A social media toolkit that dives deep.

Moreover, GrowthSOCIAL’s link tracking feature provides valuable insights into your audience’s behavior. You can monitor how many visits each link in your posts receives from various social networks or via Dark Social, helping you understand which platforms drive the most traffic and engagement.

Your audience is growing daily. Reach them with GrowthSOCIAL.

As one of the most important components of a company’s digital marketing strategy, social media is crucial to ensuring that your brand is speaking in the voice you want customers to hear. Understanding your business’ own message is an important first step to consider before undertaking any sort of social media campaign.

A recent study of social media usage statistics revealed that:

Get In The Conversation

Our Recipe for a Healthy Social Media Presence

Every business has a different level of need when it comes to building a social media campaign or implementing social media strategy. Growth Squad offers a wide variety of services to help your business bring focus to its social media strategy. 

Account setup

Account Set Up

If you’re just getting started with social media, your business will need to consider a very specific set of steps necessary to properly set up your social media.

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Scheduling Posts

Easily schedule social media posts though our easy-to-use dashboard and keep your social media active even when your business is closed.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

We’ll help you consider current strategies and tactics as well as best practices to help augment your business’ social media position.

Reporting dashboard

Reporting and Monitoring

Social media metrics might include followers, traffic referrals, engagement levels, and other important data points that demonstrate growth.

Check Your Social Pulse.

Let GrowthSOCIAL simplify and optimize your marketing process so that you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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