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Your Prescription for Healthcare Marketing Services.

Growth Squad’s suite of services is designed to transform your healthcare practice, creating customers for life, while alleviating the usual stress that accompanies marketing efforts. 

A healthier Way to Market

A healthier way to market.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital healthcare marketing services, staying ahead of the curve can be a daunting task. But with Growth Squad’s comprehensive digital marketing dashboard, GrowthTOOLS, you can harness the power of technology and our expertise to streamline your marketing operations, amplify your reach, and keep clients happy.

“Nearly 80% of patients start their healthcare journey through search engines and there are 70,000 healthcare related searches conducted every minute.”

Side effects may include increased revenue, improved client reach, and higher quality leads.

Running a healthcare practice is challenging enough without the added burden of managing marketing efforts. Our GrowthTOOLS digital toolkit is built to relieve your marketing pain, all from a single easy-to-use dashboard:

Make data-driven decisions and reach clients efficiently with GrowthTOOLS.

With Growth Squad’s one-stop-shop digital marketing dashboard, you gain a centralized hub designed to manage all your digital marketing activities. GrowthTOOLS provides real-time insights into campaign performance, website analytics, client reviews, and social media engagement:


Starting @ $39/mo

Get a professionally designed WordPress site or build your own design at your own pace.


Starting @ $60/mo

Improve the visibility of your website in organic search results and rank for critical keywords.


Starting @ $60/mo

Have a physical location? Leverage synced business citations to improve local search results.


Starting @ $50/mo

Monitor and respond to your business reviews while improving your visibility in local search.


Starting @ $30/mo

Maintain a healthy and vigorous social media strategy vital to your business’ online presence.


Starting @ $425/mo

Stand out from the advertising crowd with accurate ad targeting, management, and reporting.

We alleviate common pain points with highly targeted healthcare marketing services.

As a healthcare provider, you face constant challenges. Patient privacy, data protection, and an accurate representation of your services are critical to your healthcare marketing strategy.

HIPAA Marketing Restrictions

HIPAA regulations can sometimes limit your ability to utilize powerful advertising tools — such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising — as medical providers are generally prohibited from retargeting website visitors. This restriction is due to concerns that such activity may inadvertently violate patients’ privacy rights that are guaranteed under HIPAA.

Considering this fact, Growth Squad relies on other proven digital marketing tactics when working with clients in the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare marketing services and strategies include search engine optimization, local business citations, and effective content marketing. Cumulatively, these methods will allow you to reach a broader audience while simultaneously maintaining compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Negative Feedback Online

In most cases, consumers and patients put more stock in reviews from other clients than they do your own advertising materials. This reliance means that a few negative patient reviews can damage your reputation and offset your digital marketing efforts.

Growth Squad can help you avoid this common digital marketing pitfall with our reputation management services. These services will increase your awareness of what patients are saying about your practice and which review sites they are using.

Poorly Designed Websites

One of the primary goals of digital marketing is to drive patients to your website. However, you must provide them with an enjoyable browsing experience once they make it to your webpage. If your website is clunky, unresponsive, or poorly designed, potential patients may promptly leave your page and turn to your competitors.

At Growth Squad, we understand just how important a great website is to the success of your practice. That is why we offer comprehensive web design and hosting solutions that will provide your patients with a world-class browsing experience.

Results that speak for themselves.

With the right strategies and execution, Growth Squad has helped practices capture the market share they deserve. Learn more about our healthcare marketing services success.

Comprehensive healthcare marketing services and support at your fingertips.

Healthcare practices need a comprehensive marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Growth Squad’s all-encompassing digital marketing dashboard provides you with the tools and expertise you need to thrive online.

Elevate Your Visibility with GrowthSEO

GrowthSEO services help you rank higher in search results, ensuring that your website appears when your potential patients are searching for services you provide. With our expert strategies, you’ll attract more qualified leads and drive organic traffic to your site. Start ranking locally, regionally, or nationally.

Generate Targeted Leads with GrowthADS

Gone are the days of mass marketing and wasted advertising dollars. GrowthADS delivers highly targeted paid digital advertising, ensuring that your campaigns reach the right audience, maximizing your ROI. Our detailed reporting provides valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing you to optimize your strategies for optimal results.

Craft a Compelling Customer Experience with GrowthSITES

Your website is your virtual practice, and first impressions matter. GrowthSITES helps you create a website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, guiding visitors seamlessly through your sales funnel. And if you’d rather, our expert team of website designers and developers are happy to provide you with a custom-tailored solution.

Protect Your Brand Reputation with GrowthREVIEWS

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. GrowthREVIEWS empowers you to manage your online reputation, ensuring that positive reviews are amplified and negative feedback is addressed constructively. Our reputation management services safeguard your brand’s image and foster customer loyalty.

Maintain Data Accuracy with GrowthLOCAL

Accurate and consistent business information across directories and data aggregators is crucial for local search visibility. GrowthLOCAL citation services ensure that your NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone, and Website) information remains up to date across 65 different platforms, boosting your local SEO efforts.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd with GrowthSOCIAL

Social media is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. GrowthSOCIAL provides you with AI-powered content creation and posting tools, allowing you to engage your audience with fresh, relevant content consistently.

Who we serve.

Our healthcare marketing services help to broaden the digital reach of professionals across various specialties:

Primary Care

Family Physicians





Professional. Reliable. Creative.

"Growth Squad redesigned our business website. They are efficient, professional, reliable, attentive to detail, and available for questions throughout the process. They are creative and gave lots of proactive feedback that has really made a difference in our website traffic. We had worked with several others throughout the years and Growth Squad has by far brought our website to a new level. What I also appreciate is that they offer an array of services within digital marketing that really do make them a full service one-stop-shop."

Healthcare Marketing Services and Packages


“I’m just getting started and want to handle things myself.”

Prices starting at

$ 229 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Pro
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Standard*
  • GrowthSEO DIY


“I’m starting to get really busy and need a little extra help.”

Prices starting at

$ 799 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Standard*
  • GrowthSEO DWY
  • 1 Blog Post Each Month
  • 2 hours of SEO Support


“My digital marketing efforts need consistent support.”

Prices starting at

$ 1449 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Pro Dashboard
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Pro
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Pro*
  • GrowthSEO DFY
  • 2 Blog Posts Each Month
  • 5 hours of SEO Support
  • GrowthLINKS Off-page SEO


“Competition is tough. I need a stronger strategy and a dedicated team.

Prices starting at

$ 2399 / month
  • GrowthTOOLS Premium
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium
  • GrowthREVIEWS Premium
  • GrowthSOCIAL Pro
  • GrowthADS Reporting
  • GrowthSITES Premium*
  • GrowthSEO DFY
  • 3 Blog Posts Each Month
  • 10 hours of SEO Support
  • GrowthLINKS Off-page SEO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Package adjustments & addons

All packages can be adjusted and expanded based on your needs. At Growth Squad, we understand one-size does not fit all.  For example, GrowthADS pricing is not included due to the various requirements to calculate ad spend budgets. The packages listed above are based on the average usage and marketing efforts of our existing client base.

Healthcare marketing services the way they were meant to be.

With over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing domain, Growth Squad has been instrumental in helping practices thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Our unwavering dedication towards empowering our clients reflects in our professional approach and proven tactics. We’ll help you understand your target audience, leverage multiple digital channels, and embrace client feedback. Contact us to learn how we can help you build your digital marketing foundation today.

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