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The written words in your company’s advertisements, website copy, or corporate press releases can make the difference in customer acquisition.

Effective copywriting is a game changer.

When improving your content marketing strategy, it’s essential to know what good copywriting looks like in the first place. In marketing, well-written copy looks like scannable, easy-to-read, quality writing that is free of fluff, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. Excellent copywriting should also serve a purpose for its readers, whether that be to provide information, solve a problem, or simply entertain. 

"Content combined with great SEO is more likely to end up on the first page of search engine results."
Rules of Copywriting

The Rules of Copywriting

Seasoned copywriters always keep the following “rules” in mind when crafting their work:

  • Tailor content for specific platforms — You may complete copywriting for a variety of different platforms. Each platform has its own format, best practices, and type of content appropriate for it, all of which can vary greatly between platforms. For example, an Instagram caption and a website landing page require very different types of content, with varying lengths, formality levels, and tones.
  • Follow the right structure — Each type or topic of content also has its own general structure. For example, written advertisements for services often consist of a structure with pain points first and solutions next. 
  • Write in the company’s brand voice — Another key to excellent copywriting is consistent, on-brand writing. A company’s brand voice should be followed in all of its copywriting in order to build a cohesive brand image.
  • Speak to the right audience — Every company has a target audience, and copywriters speak directly to this audience when writing. This way, viewers are more likely to resonate with what they read. 

Well-written content in marketing often utilizes SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of using keywords, page optimization, and other strategies to rank as high as possible on search engines. Content combined with great SEO is more likely to end up on the first page of a search engine’s results page, reaching more viewers. SEO copywriting also includes calls to action (CTAs) and hyperlinks throughout the content to cultivate more user interaction with websites.

The Benefits of Well-Written Content

Writing excellent content is essential for the success of your marketing strategies. The benefits of producing outstanding copywriting include:

Cultivating a Long-Term Audience

With well-written, interesting, audience-tailored content, you are much more likely to draw in and retain loyal customers. Providing enjoyable, interesting content captures people’s attention, and remaining consistent keeps this attention flowing. Sharing content for your audience to interact with also helps build relationships with them, making them more likely to stick around. These loyal brand-audience relationships can even occur before any financial transactions are made. 

Generating More Leads

As well-written content gets more people interested in a brand, there is a greater chance of those views converting into sales. Content can literally bring viewers on a digital journey to an ultimate CTA to make contact or buy a service, directly generating leads. Additionally, the trust and relationship created through your content motivates audience members to make educated purchases.

Increasing Brand Awareness

People are more likely to share interesting written content with others online, directly increasing your brand awareness. Utilizing SEO in content can also result in more views making more people aware of your brand. With high-quality content available, not only is brand awareness greater, but brand reputation is improved. 

Saving Money on Marketing

By investing time and resources into creating quality content, businesses save more money on marketing in the long run. This is because your marketing strategies are more likely to be successful from the start rather than having a rushed trial and error process or a focus on quantity over quality. Written content services like blog posts and press releases are much more affordable than paid advertisements, commercials, and other traditional marketing strategies. Pay-per-click campaigns may have lower costs if well-written content is combined with a strong SEO strategy given that search engines reward advertisers who connect searchers with valuable content.

Our Carefully Crafted Copywriting Services

Investing in well-written copy for your website, advertising campaign, or blog will pay great dividends over time and position your business as an expert and trusted resource. Some of our beneficial copywriting services that all companies can utilize include:



Creating and maintaining a blog is a useful marketing strategy for any company. A blog post is like an inexpensive advertisement that can bring a potential customer from a search engine to your website. Our experienced writers ensure that blog posts are organized, well-written, and search engine optimized.


Website Pages

The written content on your website is also crucial to execute well. A company’s website is often the final destination of the entire digital marketing journey and great copy will engage and keep a potential lead on your site. Extended visit times to your site also reduce bounce rates, an important metric for search engine optimization campaigns.


Press Releases

A press release spreads the word about your company in the media, particularly about recent news or upcoming events. Hiring our professionals to write a press release ensures it is well-written and follows the proper press release structure, making it more likely to be well-received by readers.


Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can determine whether one makes a purchase, so investing in this short but powerful form of copywriting can go a long way toward increasing revenue.


Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an effective digital marketing tool for nurturing current leads. Investing in our expert email copywriting service helps businesses convert those leads into actual sales.


eBooks/White Papers

Not only is this PDF-form content a great way to get more people interested in your brand, but you can also sell it as a product itself. This long form content can provide a high return on investment, including potential passive income and the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

Copywriting Tailored for Your Business

The importance of creating well-written content in your digital marketing efforts is clear. With easy-to-read, engaging content, audiences are more likely to stick around, support your brand, and even make purchases. Growth Squad provides digital marketing services to fit your business needs, including stellar copywriting services. Contact us today for a free copywriting service consultation to learn how we can take your content to the next level.

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