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GrowthSEO: More Than Just DIY SEO Software.

GrowthSEO is intuitive, intelligent, and a partner in your success story. Gain valuable SEO insights and learn what drives your clients’ choices.

GrowthSEO Dashboard - DIY SEO Software & Tools

Struggling with SEO issues? Help is here.

Combining human expertise and AI analysis, this DIY SEO software is the key to unlocking your brand’s full online potential, putting the power of progress directly in your hands. GrowthSEO is not only intuitive but also intelligent—offering insights that enable you to strategize and optimize your online presence.

Whether you’re focused on local SEO or a regional approach, GrowthSEO can help.

“Why does SEO matter? Studies have found that upwards of 80% of search engine users will not stray past the first page of results.”

Your lifeline in a vast digital marketing ocean

Part of the GrowthTOOLS digital marketing suite, GrowthSEO signifies a new era of self-made success. It’s a DIY SEO software tool that allows you to take control of your digital marketing journey. No longer will you be bound by the constraints of limited knowledge or resources. With GrowthSEO, you’re not just a client; you’re the captain of your own ship, steering towards success on the vast ocean of digital marketing.

Hands on or hands off. The choice is yours.

Even the most seasoned captains sometimes need a hand. That’s why GrowthSEO isn’t just a DIY SEO software tool, it’s a complete solution. If you need more help or prefer a hands-off approach, let Growth Squad step in to bolster your efforts. We can provide expanded services tackling on-page, off-page, and technical SEO issues, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your business growth.

SEO Packages with Your Business Needs in Mind


“I’m just getting started and want to handle things myself.”

Prices starting at

$ 60 / month
  • AI-powered SEO Dashboard
  • Easy-to-follow actions
  • Improve technical SEO
  • Keyword research tool
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Discover content topics
  • Analyze competitors
  • Discover backlink opportunities


“I’m starting to get really busy and need a little extra help.”

Prices starting at

$ 799 / month
  • Everthing in DIY, plus
  • SEO audit & monitoring
  • Technical SEO support
  • Local SEO setup
  • GrowthLOCAL Pro
  • Conversion tracking
  • Advanced keyword research
  • On-page optimizations
  • 2 hours of SEO Support


“My digital marketing efforts need consistent support.”

Prices starting at

$ 1449 / month
  • Everything in DWY, plus
  • Monthly SEO Strategy Call
  • GrowthLOCAL Premium Upgrade
  • Regional keyword options
  • National keyword options
  • Custom content strategy
  • GrowthLINKS Recommendations
  • Off-page optimizations
  • Heatmap Tracking
  • 10 hours of SEO Support
Package adjustments & addons

All packages can be adjusted and expanded based on your needs, at Growth Squad we understand one-size does not fit all. Packages listed above are based on the average usage and marketing efforts of our existing client base.

Build a network of backlinks

Build an extensive network of valuable backlinks and create engaging SEO content.

To further enhance your strategy, GrowthSEO offers two powerful SEO add-ons: GrowthLINKS and GrowthCONTENT. With GrowthLINKS, you’ll have access to an extensive network for backlink and blogger outreach services. Meanwhile, GrowthCONTENT is your one-stop solution for SEO copywriting—keeping your content fresh, engaging, and searchable.

DIY SEO software and services that deliver tangible results.

Great SEO takes time, and most companies will see results within three to six months. Avoid the pitfalls of cheap SEO that can cost your business in the long run. 

Growth Squad’s commitment to empowering businesses becomes tangible with GrowthSEO. It’s a reflection of our dedication to simplifying marketing processes while optimizing results—a trustworthy ally in the defense of your marketing budget.

Take Control with GrowthSEO

It’s time to elevate your digital marketing journey with GrowthSEO – because when it comes to growing your online presence, we believe in doing it yourself – but never alone.

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